Foundation Faves

Some of my favorite foundations!

1) Urban Decay Naked Liquid Foundation- A lightweight, non drying and creamy formula. Covers well and makes your skin glow and look brighter! Great for dry skin!

2) Kat Von D Lock It Tattoo Liquid Foundation- A super cover up foundation that covers everything beautifully and makes the skin flawless. Stays in place for over 12 hours without fading. Great coverage and phenomenal longtime wear!

3) Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation- Great coverage with a lightweight and easy to apply formula. Makes skin look flawless and airbrushed, without clogging pores or causing breakouts. Good for people who want an easily buildable foundation that won’t get too heavy!

4) Bareminerals Mineral Powder Foundation- One of the best powder foundations! Covers like a liquid without the shine and cakey look! Doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts and is hypoallergenic! Looks amazing on all skin types and tones! Tons of colors and choices for everyone!

These are just my favorites, if you want me to review anything please let me know and I will let you know if I have used it! If not I will go to Sephora or some store and sample them! Haha. Like a test drive for makeup for a day!

Anonymous said: Okay so what are some unconventional home remides for acne and acne scarring!? also what ingridents fade redness really quick? lastly haha how do you balance your hormones natually? I only have acne on my cheecks which sucks because they are deep and hurt

Unconventional home remedies that work? Using plain toothpaste (no extra gels or weird ingredients) on pimples to dry them out and reduce redness. I’ve done it and it works. Wash your face and then leave it on for 20 minutes at night before bed and then wipe it off and you will see results overnight. Reducing redness of scars is easier, using lemon juice or products that have glycolic acid! Vitamin B-3 is also helpful in reducing pigmentation/discoloration! Balancing hormones can be done using supplements/vitamins or by changing your diet and adding foods that help balance them (for a list check here-> ) Estrosense is a supplement that I have commonly seen people use for hormones and acne, the results are usually great! Hopefully these help to alleviate your problem! Working from the inside and outside will bring the best results! Good luck and let me know it you have any other questions!

Wearing the Urban Decay Naked Foundation (in 4.0), it’s lightweight and covers decently! I didn’t use any primer today to see how it works, it’s not too bad! Mascara is Tarte Eyes, Camera, Lashes, brows are lightly filled in using the Urban Decay Brow Box in Honey, and my blush is Milani in Hermosa Rose! No eyeshadow today, I was in a hurry!

Wearing the Urban Decay Naked Foundation (in 4.0), it’s lightweight and covers decently! I didn’t use any primer today to see how it works, it’s not too bad! Mascara is Tarte Eyes, Camera, Lashes, brows are lightly filled in using the Urban Decay Brow Box in Honey, and my blush is Milani in Hermosa Rose! No eyeshadow today, I was in a hurry!

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A great tutorial! Love the eye look and love how she shows every single step and product used!


Want to rock the Feline Cat-Eye Eyeliner look???
Then check out my tutorial on how to do so… 
All the products used are listed in the description bar. 

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So I’m not wearing any foundation at all, I just wanted to show you all why I can’t do the cat eye look! It doesn’t look right on me! But the eyeshadow I used looked awesome! I used Urban Decay in Omen (15th Anniversary Palette), Sin (Naked Palette), and Liar (Naked 3 Palette)! The liner is a black liquid liner from L’oreal, and the Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Zero! Mascara is Lights Camera Lashes from Tarte! You can’t see it but my lips are done with the Mirabella La la Lips Velvet Pencil in Rose! I was in a hurry so it’s not perfect but here ya go! When I’m not rushing I will do a normal and more perfected makeup style!

Okay, one last post before I become electronically stranded! This week while I’m gone, please send me in your questions and asks, product recommendations, and for any advice you need! I will be more than happy to answer them all back upon my return on Memorial Day!

Hi followers! I will be on vacation starting tomorrow and won’t be back until Memorial Day on the 26th! I will not be posting anything during this time and I will be unable to answer your questions and asks until my return! Hopefully I come back to a full and happy inbox! I will be (carefully) living it up in the sunshine of Jamaica, Haiti, and Mexico! I will have some posts as soon as I get back! Cya soon! :)

nsylee1220 said: Hi! I'm looking for a sunblock product that will not harm my skin in the long run. I heard that even the sunscreen with good reviews contain chemicals that make skin age faster over time. Do u have any good recommendations? Thanks!

Dermalogica makes a product called Solar Defense Booster with an SPF of 50. The beauty of this product is that it mixes in to any moisturizer, lotion, or makeup you are using while still giving you that great sun protection! It uses Titanium Dioxide as a main ingredient, and Titanium Dioxide is a safe sun protectant. Most sunscreens absorb the UV rays, and it causes them to lose their effectiveness, and those products tend to “age the skin” because of it. Titanium Dioxide based products (and Zinc oxide) reflect the UV rays, not letting them effect your skin at all. They are much safer and work much better in protecting yourself from the sun! If you need one for your body as well I recommend Coppertone Sensitive Skin SPF 50! It doesn’t clog pores or cause breakouts, I even use it on my face when I’m in between products! Let me know how these work for you or if you have any other questions! :)

Skin cleansing brushes are really unique in the way that they work. They help to exfoliate and cleanse deeper at the same time, and they make your facial routine so much easier! I use one from Mary Kay that is motorized and it’s awesome! I always double cleanse, so it helps to use the brush on the first cleanse to help cleanse away the dirt and dead skin and makeup! Look into trying one of these brushes, they are really great and when used correctly are even safe enough for daily use!

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